Thursday, August 24, 2006

UUFO: shiny object sighted all at sea

what on earth? oh wait, this is a uufo and, by definition, not from this fashion-able earth. such shiny objects in the atmosphere, as you may know, are usually stars or other celestial objects, and the good thing about these kinds of objects is that sooner or later, they spontaneously combust, leaving nothing but a little gas behind. hopefully, that will be the fate of at least the crotch-patch jeans and icky-sticky silver shirt on this uufo here.

kabhi kabhi alvida kehna

i knew rani was a multi-talented, multi-disciplinary person. but i didn't think she'd show it off quite so literally in her outfits. a fisherman's net, a medieval knight's armor and a plastic surgeon's smile, dear rani, don't really suit your sunny personality. then again, maybe you can catch the compliments (if any) in your net, ward off barbs with your armor and please the people with plastic all the time too.

bald is not beautiful

what's happening here?
a: sunny deol is wearing a big wig.
b: sunny has a big bad shiny patch front and center he's trying to hide.
c: i'm glad i'm not asking the above question in person, in front of him. do you see the clenched fist and the pocket-game going on with the other hand? he seems ready to sock the next person who points out the obvious. oye praaji! you work in the greasepaint and false hair biz. surely there must be a better role model for your hair than dev anand himself from guide?

a sleeping dog awakes

after much goading, pushing and prodding from my loyal fans (total number: 1), ishtardust is finally awake. apologies for the long hiatus and a promise to keep it going, on a regular basis from here on.