Sunday, January 25, 2009

from china to chowpatty

after the comparative dud that cc2c turned out to be, akshay the dude decided to dump his designer chinese duds in chandni chowk rather than lug them all the way back to china. seems like neha dhupia was on the lookout for a bargain and ended up in the wrong place at the right time. not to waste an opportunity though, and banking on the fact that not too many would have seen akshay's outfits (not having seen the movie in the first place), neha decided to give the duds a whirl recently. could she have accessorized better? you betcha. with one of those chinese umbrella hats that would have helped her move around incognito.

recession fashion tip #6: share your wardrobe

in earlier times, maria skimped on the wardrobe budget by just turning up in used, dyed potato sacks (vide this and this). now the warsi-goretti combine has worked out a different way to beat the budget blues. maria steals arshad's rented (but never returned) tux, using some parts of it for public appearances. and the man himself makes do with his watchman's madras shirt and old jeans. hey, after all, they were attending slumdog's premiere, not the titanic's.

arise, awake and stop not till the sleeping bag is zipped up

talking of phoenixes, sush seems to have semi-woken up from her "rip-vanessa-winkle is taking a weight-gain" siesta. and lost herself some weight, part of which seems to be in the form of her, ahem, fashion marbles. how else to explain this sleeping bag she's emerged in? which, by the crumpled shape it's in, is probably also the one she emerged from, a few hours previously. the only saving grace? that perhaps the sleeping bag's from saks and not from sarojini nagar.

cat or phoenix?

the one has nine lives. the other endlessly rises from its own ashes, having gone down in flames in the first place. i'd rather think that twinkle twinkle / ishtardust never went down in flames for it to have to rise from the ashes. instead, i'll look at this as life #4 for this off-more-than-on blog of mine. which means i'll have to use my remaining lives judiciously, not going into such prolonged comas as to be mistaken for dead.

in any case, here it is, back, alive and ready to kick some serious fashion butt of our very vone bollywood celebs.

dahlings (you know who you are), welcome back.