Tuesday, September 12, 2006

exclusive wax statue not in madame tussaud's

rakhi sawant had better not anger any types of fanatics, especially sourav ganguly supporters in kolkata at this point. with their penchant for burning effigies, they just might pick her up, mistaking her to be made of wax and burn her right away. that is if madame tussaud's scouts don't spot her first and install her in the london or new york museum right away. then again, i think the chipmunks-turned-dolphins tattoo might not make it pass their discerning eye. or the blue tooth--no, no, not the one inside her mouth--the one on her ear.
looks like we'll be stuck trying to figure out if we can make candles out of her or not.

uufo: shrug, shorts by shakespeare, circa 1602

the bard might anon approve, all ye who read this,
of the spackled culottes, or he might fall to pieces
at the diswondrous spectacle of the puffed chemise
unspectacularly covered, but hark, with so poor a disguise,
and partial wrapping as the shrug.
is this , pray tell me, some fashion of thug?
is this to be sprung upon us unsuspecting gentry,
so rudely, so unkemptly, so not gently?

phashion by bebo

excerpt from the diary of bebo, circa september 2006.
"what? i dare you to look me in the eye and say that you don't like the gauze negligee thrown over my silk nightie. or my completely unnature brunnete looks. or the baby fat arm candy that shahid is. because i bet there is nothing you can pick holes in, as far as my completely phashionable looks are concerned. i'll have you know this was the last, and certainly the best, act in the whole of phashion week, when i paraded manish malhotra's latest sleepwea...i mean, couture. so there!"