Monday, January 09, 2012

little red riding whodunit

let's see what all we have here.
nehru's gala dyed red, from the bandhgala he wore to receive edwina mountbatten, the first time around.
the lace placemat that edwina had at her table when she was serving tea to nehru, also dyed red (the placemat, not nehru).
the cushion cover from the footrest from the same, above occasion.
belt from the chowkidar at the high tea, occasion being same as above.
somewhere in there is also a genelia, not from the same occasion.
if she was going for the "tryst with destiny" look, we will have to paraphrase george w bush and say "mission not accomplished."

shut up and bounce baby bounce

ha! hrithik honly has han hextra hthumb.
i have a whole extra foot, sandal included. so what if i don't have a wrist at the end of my right hand?
at least it stopped you from focusing on my flouncy, bouncy, jouncy...face. stop staring at and expecting other bouncy thing, you perverts. at least not in front of my doesn't-know-any-better not-girlfriend.

jingle bail jingle bail

ho ho ho!
look who's under santa's beard. it's shiney as-shiny-as-the-floor-the-maid-just-cleaned ahuja.
yes, yes, we'll presume innocence until found guilty and all that. but the irony of punjabi santa going ahu-ahu-ahuja is delicious, especially one out on bail.

Sunday, January 08, 2012

Michelin mamma

Looks like Shahana's couturier interpreted the words "tube top" quite literally. At least her spare tires aren't showing. Who has Michelin's number to give to Ms. Goswami?

Hair today, gone tomorrow

Looks like Jacqueline Fernandez took  the dictum of Bollywood starlets quite literally. Someone needs to tell her that while fairy tales don't come true, neither do hairy tales.

Dear Imran

Jaane tu ya jaane na, but we have good reason to believe that Avantika is actually a Hobbit. Gollum is talking about summoning her back to Middle Earth.
Your sincerely,
A kuan-wisher.

Him? Mesh Resh Ammiya Chammiya rhymer shymer?

No, Officer. I was not, umm, irrigating the car.
What? No! I'm not pregnant.
Dekhiye, don't you know who I am? I can sing you a nose-blowing, I mean, mind-blowing song right now and prove who I am.
Officer, why are you running away? Officer! Officer!!

Life #5

Thanks to a couple of new viewers at work, it looks like Ishtardust might just twinkle again. As a cat now in its fifth life. (This was my note about Life #4.)
Here's to a much longer lease of life this time around!