Thursday, July 12, 2007

ode to bappi, part 2

newly-wed mrs. abhishek bachchan had already paid tribute to her in-laws, to the lord god of tirupati and myriad other figureheads, but apparently, her post-marriage tribute would not be complete without an ode--a photographical one albeit--to the god of gold around his bodily self, viz., bappida. check out the similarity between ash above and bappida here. the number of chins alone make the resemblance startling, dontcha think?

one-liner: a for aaaaargh-desh

it's not isty-bitsy or teeny-weeny or even a bikini, but a polka-dotted cross between chunky pandey in curly wig and a smart dressed count of transylvania it certainly is.


so, i figured i've been lax again in keeping up my word on consistently and regularly posting on here. and while the main reason i post here is to write and comment on the pix i find, i find that also is the reason i shirk from my duty of even bringing said pix to the attention of the adoring public.

henceforth, whether i have the time to say something or not, when i find a twinkling star worth showcasing here, i will do so, with or sans comment. these i have dubbed one-liners: they will, as the least acknowledgement for their having made it here, be accompanied by a single line of prose or poetry as the case may be.

hope you enjoy them as much as the long form.