Sunday, June 03, 2007

ode to bappi

may he never grow old
may he never run out of gold.
whether he wants to stuff himself with clam chowder
or cake his face with talcum powder,
whether he fills his belly with beer,
or whatever else that brings him cheer,
may his chins never cease to wobble,
may he always have enough to gobble.
bappida, may you and your horizons always grow broader
as you provide for this blog more and more fodder.

what's that on your arm?

it's a zebra! it's a black bear!! it's a black bear disguised as a zebra!!!
oh wait, it's just another uufo whose animal instincts seem to have gotten the better of any couture sense she may have ever had. then again, that might be crediting a uufo with too much sense in the first place. n'est pas?

spot the ten differences

here's a little game for y'all: spot the ten differences between the above-pictured person and the one in the post right below this one. then tell me if it's the same person or not. and then tell me if hell has frozen over or not.
i didn't think the mere absence of facial fuzz and presence of dark facial window panes (a la diya mirza here) would make such a life-altering change. more the fool, me. oh, and then the unmissable, but not undetestable, touch of tucking in one half of a jacket (a la the half-tucked-in/out shirt of this uufo). armageddon must not be far off.

Friday, June 01, 2007

sight for sore eyes

ornithographer: "i'm pretty sure that's the red-tailed, open-chested, scrabby jackie bird."
dabbawala on the 11:40 local to lokhandwala: "ae bhidu. kya boltai re tu. yeh to jaggu dada bolne ko mangta hai, kya. yeh kheench ke doonga na."
ornitho: "no, no. i never make a mistake. notice the scragginess around the lower jaw. and those bloodshot eyes are a sure sign, because no other bird has eyes that match its tail."
dabbawala: "ae yeda hai kya? yeh apun ka jaggu bhai hai. devdas mein itna peeliyela ki abhi tak utra nahi, kya. apun jaanta hai."
verdict: whatever / whoever it is, this is a sight for sore eyes. to make your eyes sore, that is.

uufo: greasy days are here again

i don't know who the stud-wannabe-in-the-leather-jacket-with-three-pockets-on-one-side is. i'm happy that he's at least not holding his cellphone in his hand, with so many pockets to put them in. what i'm more interested in is this: does this uufo know the difference between grease paint and make-up? and that one's for reel life and the other for real life? and that posing for a photograph does not constitute reel life?