Monday, October 23, 2006

the chunky horror show: part deux

letter to twinkle twinkle:
a few months back, i treated you to a new me, and you called it Experiments with Scuba Gear as Fashion-ccesories. i decided to forgive you by showing that i have a whole pirate's chest full of similar gear. here, let me push my auburn tresses back so you can ogle at it better. don't you just love how even if i became really chubby (not that i want to), i'd still be able to wear these and not have to worry about bags under the eyes after long nights of partying? not that i have to worry about those ever. i know my eyes pop a little weirdly out of these shades, but i'm talking to my opto...umm, you know those eye doctors, about it. so i'll have that fixed soon. but i do hope you love these deep-sea shades. anytime you want to jump into my deep-as-the-ocean beautiful eyes and lose yourself in them, just let me know, and i'll call in the fork-lift to have them taken off.

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