Wednesday, October 25, 2006

spotted: leopard in disguise

let's get the minor blips out of the way first. yes, it is called a clutch, but must she actually, really clutch it with both hands as if (a) she's about to pass the baton to p.t. usha? (b) she's about to give rahul dravid some catching practice?
more importantly, though: what the heck was she thinking donning the leopard sack? what was the criterion? that some shade of the brown off the leopard's back would match a shimmer of her hair? or her double-fisted clutch? is that at least faux leopard skin? or are we to believe that preity accompanied salman on his deer-hunting trip and got herself a bonus on the side?
ethically or aesthetically, dear preity, being spotted in leotards might actually be better for you than being spotted in leopard skins. that's all i have to say.

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