Monday, October 23, 2006

new anil kapoor release: my clothes' murder

i'll grant him that he's inside the studio, perhaps taking a break between takes. i'll even grant that those ugly black shoes are his at-work heels, not a deliberate fashion misstatement. (you can see the make-up boy about to hand him his pink keds...anil is always in touch with his feminine side, folks.) but since when did it become haute to wear jeans like riding breeches? and anil, it's great to see that you've given up on life on the gorilla-side, but do you really need to show proof of it with that low-cut blous...i mean shirt? do you realize it's actually cut so low that we can see the Return of the Dense Undergrowth? and what's up with the belt bling? and no, that smile is not beatific enough to take attention away from the rest of your tacky ensemble. not by a long shot.


Beth said...

That is an odd ensemble. I'm most curious about the shoes, because I can't quite see them. And I'd totally wear the pink sneakers on the side.

I clicked on the photo to see if it would get bigger, and when I did I realized I could get a better gander at the shirt. I believe the cartoon word bubble, just to the right of the bottom of his can of Diet Coke, actually says "You distress me," which really could not be funnier. Even if it doesn't say that, we can pretend it does, right?

dna said...

and even though it does say that, he's probably completely oblivious to it. more joy for us.:-)

priya said...

rolled jeans are a (better forgotten) phenomenon of the early nineties, when mr. kapoor was perhaps still in his prime. he is obviously finding it difficult to let go of the past.