Friday, June 01, 2007

sight for sore eyes

ornithographer: "i'm pretty sure that's the red-tailed, open-chested, scrabby jackie bird."
dabbawala on the 11:40 local to lokhandwala: "ae bhidu. kya boltai re tu. yeh to jaggu dada bolne ko mangta hai, kya. yeh kheench ke doonga na."
ornitho: "no, no. i never make a mistake. notice the scragginess around the lower jaw. and those bloodshot eyes are a sure sign, because no other bird has eyes that match its tail."
dabbawala: "ae yeda hai kya? yeh apun ka jaggu bhai hai. devdas mein itna peeliyela ki abhi tak utra nahi, kya. apun jaanta hai."
verdict: whatever / whoever it is, this is a sight for sore eyes. to make your eyes sore, that is.

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Beth said...

Oh, so that's what death warmed over looks like. Poor Jackie.