Friday, August 24, 2007

double trouble

buy one, get one free!! on jeans, jacket, shirt! limited offer!!!
you know, mysterious things draw people together. on this occasion, it was a b.o.g.o. sale that drew jimmy and jackie together. let's eavesdrop a little, shall we?
jimmy: jackie da, you could have at least worn your eye-den-tical clothes to a different do, on a different day.
jackie: first of all, take your hand off my butt.
jimmy: sorry, jackie da. magar...
jackie: bhidu, look carefully, it's only the jeans that are from the b.o.g.o. sale we went together to. the jacket and shirt are from last year's sale. i've worn them before too (see here for proof). terey ko mamu banaya na?
jackie: aur ek baat sun le bhidu. back in the day, when i used to go to school by train, which was pulled by a steam engine, the driver used to be this dude chucking coal from the bin into the furnace to keep the thing chugging along. that bandanna i'm's authentic. it's his. i stole it when he wasn't looking and i knew i could put it to use sometime in the future. mast item, no?
jimmy: psst, jackie da, the cameraman wants our picture, i think.

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