Friday, August 17, 2007

there's treasure everywhere

bappi: heh, heh. gold is not my only bling. i have my chins and my pot. and note the natty vest too, ki bolchi?
anupam: are these guys for real?
rakhi: see this outfit. i'm standing next to god of golden bling. and i'm actually overshadowing him, beating him at his own game. good, no!
prem: what is she pointing at? is there an anti-glare potion i can take? i'm glad i'm standing behind these walking fort knoxes. and wearing shades. i must remember not to buy them from the roadside "imported sunglasses" vendor though next time.
bappi: heh, heh.
rakhi: what do you mean "that's too much gold?" if you want bad wardrobe, see this ladies next to me.
prem: excuse me, but if you let me open my mouth, i can show you the gold filling in my dentures.
bappi: gold in the denchaars? ha, ha, ha. don't make me laugh.

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Beth said...

That Anupam, always the voice of reason! Great caption!