Tuesday, November 22, 2005

"brum brum maadu"

in southern india, you'll see these colorful street "musicians" playing their nadaswaram, leading a very colorful cow or bull. "brum brum" is symbolic of the sound the nadaswaram produces, and "maadu" = cow / bull, hence the name brum brum maadu. the bull's "clothing" is a patchwork quilt of scrap pieces of cloth that its owner collects as alms as he wanders around, playing his music and collecting his livelihood in return for being told to go away. here's my question: did ayesha takia steal her ensemble from a brum brum maadu. if not, how long did it take and how many houses was she driven away from before she collected this patchwork quilt? because, obviously, this could not be the handiwork of any reasonably endowed designer, could it?

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