Thursday, November 03, 2005

kal talcum powder ho na ho

I want to find out the name of the make-up artist who's doing the rounds these days for all our stars, including, as you can see, King Khan. there are three possible explanations for the pasty white face: (1) you put on "south indian" make-up (= talcum powder up to the adam's apple) (2) you shaved on a cold wintry morning but forgot to apply aftershave (3) you're a part of a cricket team that insists on looking like a clown whether you play in visakhapatnam or johannesburg. since i know for sure #3 is not the case with SRK, i wish he'd tell us which of the other two reasons applies to him.

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Anonymous said...

Loved this one, DNA :).
I believe it ought to be #1, cos if he did talcum himself, he was probably in the warm Southerns when he did it, which means, the talcum dripped all the way from the forehead to the cheek, which explains why its so darn uneven.

l S n K