Saturday, November 26, 2005

Taj Mahal: One more attempt at reviving sagging careers

the two leading ladies from akbar khan's new movie have one thing in common, apart from being in the movie itself. their careers have been on life support for a while now, and they were hoping this would provide them a shot in the arm. unfortunately, there are some natural obstacles to such a miracle: a smile that could well encircle the taj (pooja batra), and a face that looks like it just received special treatment from bee stings and wasps (kim sharma). as for the french flag draped around pooja, and the diaphanous silkworm trap that's wrapped around kim, the less said the better.
p.s. can someone confirm that the silkworm trap on the right is indeed kim? i don't if it's the bee stings or what, but i am not able to say for sure if that's who it is.

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