Tuesday, January 24, 2006

adam who?

ladies and gentlemen, please welcome adam bedi. adam who? bedi, as in kabir bedi. yes, the same kabir (of "peecha karo" fame from 007's octopussy) who has also fathered pooja bedi, although she probably owes thanks to her mother's peerless combination of sass, charisma and umm...natural gifts. bereft of such luck, adam has resorted to some other tactics to vie for attention. like a little shoe polish on his chin. an oh-so-1940's-hot tarzan haircut. loose, shiny, polyester-ly silk purple-pink shirt over tight black pants. oh, and a ghost hand on his shoulder (i couldn't resist that...that last thing is a result of my cropping). in any case, now that you have feasted your eyes, it's time to move on. what? you're still reeling from the shock?

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