Tuesday, January 17, 2006

blasts from the past

i doubt highly if varsha usgaonkar ever laid claim to be a fashion maven. but even by her low standards, this ensemble has tacky written all over it. frilly lace blouse? high v-neck? oversized shades slung from tacky high v-neck frilly lace blouse? and what is that thing in her hand? it looks the size of your average international check-in baggage. surely she doesn't think that is a purse? dear varsha, please crawl back into whatever piece of woodwork you just came out of.

nagma's certainly looking better (read "slimmer") than she used to look in her hey-days (read "when she's used to be roly-poly and rolling around in the hay" days). but then, there was only one direction her body could go: down. her fashion sense though, seems to have stayed where it was then (we'll give her the benefit of the doubt that she does possess sense, fashion or otherwise).
fashion faux pas #1: nobody wears a knotted blouse these days. they don't even wear a knotted shirt, unless of course they're manisha koirala on one of her "i want to be frumpy" days.
fashion faux pas #2: once knotted, the only reason you'd try to hide behind a gi-normous shawl-pretending-to-be-scarf is if you have something to hide. i will refrain from commenting on things rotund.
fashion faux pas #3: the worst accessory of them all: a tired half-smile.
but you know what, compared to sheeba (read on below), nagma might as well have stepped out of the haute-est couture houses in the world.

looks like sheeba mistook fishin' for fashion. the fishing net draped over her torso apart, notice the fish scales on her purse. and surely those are fish eyes on her earrings? looks like there's one piece of fashion advice someone forgot to give her: wear this outfit if you must, but don't go fishin' for compliments in it.

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