Wednesday, January 25, 2006

of blinding diyas

i'm pretty sure that even kathakali dancers don't wear such colorful lungis off-stage. for diya mirza however, the usual rules don't seem to apply. then again, maybe she is trying to be a kathakali dancer, and that's her mask bulging in her lungi-bag. so i'll even quiety ignore the flourescent human-saffron flower. maybe i just don't understand fashion anymore. maybe it's just me. maybe sallu will keep his shirt on in every movie from now on. maybe hrithik will cut his hair tomorrow. maybe bappi lahiri will lose weight this year. maybe pigs will fly.


Beth said...

This is a great idea for a website. I support you fully! I am a little bit overwhelmed by the matching pants and bag, I must admit.

dna said...

thanks, beth! appreciate the comments and the visits:-)