Saturday, January 21, 2006

why singers are behind the scenes

and the award for best dressed male goes to: subhash ghai.
what? you thought sonu nigam would get it? for that size B figure hugging, low and curvy shirt? or for that ugly wrist band that might also be a watch on which he probably doesn't know how to tell time? perhaps you were thinking of his all-denim pseudo-chaps? which clearly have at least four front pockets, each of which could easily fit his not too bulky but annoyingly hand-clutched cell phone? then again, there's hardly any breathing room visible in those jeans even for...well, you know what i'm talking about.
oh, who are we kidding about sonu nigam knowing anything about fashion? you know, what they say about children is true for playback singers too. in exactly the opposite way. they should only be heard, and not seen.

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