Monday, January 30, 2006

the longer you're married, the more you look alike

i've heard of the question "guess who wears the pants in the family?" but this one begs a different but similar question: "guess who wears the bangles in the family?"
i don't know what's scarier: pallavi joshi carrying her pants in her hands (just in case any further clarification was needed) or the drippy salt and pepper 'stache-only look that hubby vivek agnihotri seems to believe is the height of machismo along with the unmistakably studly four buttons popped open by the paunch ensemble.
pallavi, we loved you in antakshari...wait a minute, no we didn't. you were really annoying in that. let's try again. pallavi, we loved you in...ummm...give me a minute...suraj ka satvan ghoda. but you need to know that you've long outlived that halo. and what you do on tv these days is not enough to distinguish you like before from the hordes of kkkk...muttering starlets. more importantly, it's not enough to distinguish you from vivek, the rate at which you two seem to be exchanging genes and pants.

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Accidental Fame Junkie said...

Good one! Though, I would wanna know what you think about Ash's style sense here?