Wednesday, February 01, 2006

crowing glory

what on earth?
correction. this cannot be anything from earth. although there are two things that somehow resemble what ash has protruding from behind her head. the first is a gigantic, not to mention ugly, replication of hrithik's hexa-digital hand. the other is of course the more plausible explanation. somehow, ash seems to have mistaken crowing glory for crowning glory. i pity the ginormous rooster that is today bereft of its crown. for today there are two beautiful creatures bereft of their beauty: the rooster, bereft of its comb and hence its beauty, and ash, overloaded with that same comb, and hence bereft of her beauty. and if there is one more sentence in here that is not bereft of the word bereft, i will barf. not that ash's crowing glory is not already making me want to do just that.
p.s. thanks to Accidental Fame Junkie for pointing me to this atrocity.

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