Wednesday, February 01, 2006

the softer side of munnabhai

where is a shawl when you need one? oh wait, it's the shawl that sanju baba has cut and paste into a...let me try again. it's a japanese garden silk screen painting that sanjay dutt has mauled into a...nope, that's not it. i know what it is. munnabhai went shopping for sanjay dutt and found a blouse that ended about an inch above his knees. that he had to tuck in. while sporting an off-shoulder collar that exposed his...ummm...pecs. and at the same time had sleeves that drooped over his arms as if there was something even uglier to hide underneath. that obviously could not be hid by hands clasped in front in modesty.
at least he has his cell phone in his pocket.

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