Wednesday, February 08, 2006

*EMERGENCY*: arshad warsi too broke to buy maria a new outfit

first the dyed potato sack. then just a few days back, the multi-piece atrocity. and THEN, the same multi-piece atrocity, just a few days later. this picture above is from abhishek's 30th b'day bash. arshad warsi, it seems still has a few different shirts in his wardrobe, but not enough money in his bank to buy his poor wife a new outfit. what is the world coming to? if we don't set our own house right first, how can we eradicate poverty and hunger from the world? darlings, please contribute generously to the "buy maria a new outfit" fund. oh, and i think she won't mind patches and rags from your old dresses too. i'm sure she can stitch something together.
p.s. to give maria credit, she seems to have switched her ear ornaments. and ditched her pink poodle purse.

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