Sunday, February 05, 2006

polka dots (plus) stripes = star (minus) class

are those even legitimate polka dots on his tie? or is that a self-design linked-lumps of coal design? the correct response to those questions of course is: whatever.
the real thing to look at is this: the only way this thing that anil kapoor has put together on his body can be worse than it already is now is if it were a hot pink. the suit is too tight around his armpits (gross to even have that body part come up when discussing your couture), too open around the less-than-perfect waist, and the pants look like he just stole them off of bozo the clown from gemini circus in borivili. although if they had truly been bozo's, they might have been that hot pink that anil couldn't find.
that age-old question pops into my head again: do stars not have fashion consultants for their everyday lives, when they're not acting? even more basic, do they not have an iota of fashion i.q. on their own?
don't bother answering that question.

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