Wednesday, February 22, 2006

will the real hrithik please stand up?

there was a time when hrithik exuded charisma effortlessly. now you have to wonder what he does everytime you see his pic. whereas here, kunal kapoor is coolness personified, transitioning his rang de basanti's aslam persona effectively into real life.
whereas you don't really know what hrithik is doing. whispering sweet nothings to kunal? digging for gold? trying to attract attention to his unkempt oily locks (how did those come back???!!) and thus, away from his pink sport jacket. or vice versa. i mean just look at the man.
is this what krrish has done to him?

1 comment:

t.HYPE said...

This photo should be burned in effigy by every Hrithik fan worldwide!

At least he's not showing his extra thumb...