Wednesday, February 01, 2006

bappi lahiri, watch out

sometime back, when long lost twins bappi lahiri and adnan sami found each other again, i'd pointed out how the economy of a small african nation might be dependent on the amount of gold on bappi's ample body. it seems like madame rekha is out to outdo him. gold, as i pointed out to suzanne a couple of days back, goes with pretty much anything. but when you start wearing it like you're a walking fort knox, then it's easy to jump to the conclusion that you're better off locked up in a fortress rather than be let loose on an unsuspecting public. but much worse than the gold sari with the gold zari accessorized with gold bangles, a gold tikka, chunky gold necklace that would make an elephant's neck droop, and mammoth gold earrings that would prevent an elephant from flapping its ears is the coy, or if you prefer demure, look on rekha's face. for heaven's sake! this was not even her wedding, not that anybody is lining up to tie the knot with her right now.
then again, given her recent atrocious fashion track record, why should i suddenly raise the bar for her?

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