Sunday, February 05, 2006

the myth: a different jackie is not a better jackie

ladies and gentlemen, jackie shroff is having a schizophrenic moment (apologies to psychologists for any non-p.c.-ness in that statement). he started out wanting to be informal. at least that's what i assume when he started putting on his jeans one leg at a time. but then he put on this jacket that can't quite decide if it's a sports jacket or not. it's too striped and too buttoned-up to decide. and then there's that red silk kerchief peeping out of the breast pocket. red? silk? in a buttoned-up striped jacket over jeans? what is that supposed to go with? his sleep-deprived eyes behind those hide-me shades? oh, and i think i'll just give up right here, right now on his ever finding a barber.

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