Friday, March 03, 2006

he has gold, but no clothes

first it was maria goretti here and here who couldn't afford clothes. now it appears that bappi lahiri only has money to cover his body with gold but not with a different set of clothes. look at him here in december 2005. and then look at him here (above) a couple of days back at the filmfare awards. i can think of two explanations for this: (1) when he retires at night, by the time he takes off all his bling, he's tired himself out too much to change his clothes. (2) his, umm, proportions don't allow his clothes to be taken off.
maybe someone needs to take a pair of scissors and help him out of those clothes. at least for the sake of the person of indeterminate gender next to him. then again, maybe that's just desserts for whoever that is. serves him/her right for turning up like that at an awards show.

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