Saturday, November 11, 2006

baby a.b.: when you care enough to share

rumors have been rife for a while now about the chakkar between ash and the baby a.b.
what i didn't know was that it had reached such proportions that they'd started sharing objet d'affections. how else do you explain the sudden appearance of the violently pink tie? or ash's hair band from 7th grade on a.b.'s brushed-back locks? if you want to give your jaan to umrao, dear abhishek, that is perfectly fine by me. but can't you find anything more substantial or symbolic to say you are hair over heels...i mean head over heels for her? and don't take off your to shoes show me a pink-painted pinky toe in response. please. enough with the getting in touch with your feminine side already, i say.

1 comment:

priya said...

far be it from barbie to date someone who isn't lame in some way. her taste in men is about as good as my dad's taste in clothes. goldilocks here is actually a step up for her.