Friday, November 17, 2006

letter: concerned citizens for mr. india

dear madam sri,

we write to you as representatives of a newly formed social consciousness organization. our message to you is this: just because your husband's name is boney, do you have to show off your own blood-red tipped, boney fingers like that? just because you have a svelte bod, can you shirk your duty towards draping it elegantly? does the fact that your husband can make a button meet both halves of his jacket for once mean you can throw a glittery shopping bag around you and believe it will put the attention back on you, in a positive way? oh sri, we know you're capable of much, much better than this. we've seen it here before. we're not craving for your mr. india days. but at least do stop dressing like you want to be a mr. india instead of a ms. india.

yours in much pain,
concerned citizens for mr. india

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