Saturday, November 11, 2006

jism by john, fashion by cartoon network

this past week at lakme fashion week (lfw), everbody's favorite hunk (says who?) paraded new phashion. let me break it down for you.
t-shirt (and girlfriend's floral tights in the background): inspired by everybody's favorite powerpuff girl, blossom.
footwear: inspired by bathrooms everywhere in india (what? you've never heard of them referred to as 'bathroom chappals'?
jacket: retrieved from jackson heights (n.y.) i-day parade, circa aug. 12, 2006 with confetti and tar still tattooed on indelibly.

now, let's go back to blossom. this is what she looks like in reel life.

and now, let's look at her in real life here.

or, for that matter, here.

the defense rests.

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