Monday, November 20, 2006

where's a godrej locker when you need one?

you know the kind i'm talking about. every indian household has one...whether it's called a bureau, wardrobe, locker, or as it's known in the south, beerva. until now, a godrej locker was only meant to safeguard your valuables and keep them from prying eyes. methinks there's a deeper purpose to it: to safeguard the sanity of those who are suddenly and violently inflicted with the fashion atrocities committed by parameshwar godrej. for the moment, i'm willing to overlook the two extremely uncomfortable looking women in the extremely short dresses. and i'll put down their extreme discomfort to two things: parameshwar's leggings (aarrrrghhhhh!!) and parameshwar's trellis-fence corset/lingerie that is keeping the rest of her from spilling onto the streets. not to mention her amazon-like shoulders with that black armor. and there i will stop, because i do not want to make any personal remarks about her, neck upwards. nosiree. you won't get any comparisons from me about blow-dried horse's manes. or for that matter, about manly looks that would be a lion's pride. i don't hit that far below the belt. will some good samaritan, though, please explain to her the difference between underwear (not to be seen by the unsuspecting public) and outerwear (permissible in society)?

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Daddy's Girl said...

Ha! Perfect analysis of a truly awful picture.